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Travel Safety Tip – Use a RFID Blocking Wallet

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We want you to be safe when traveling and one of the newer scams thieves are using is RFID technology. This allows them to steal your credit card and identification information without even touching your cards, wallet, passport or purse. Scary, right? Well, you can protect yourself from this kind of fraud by using an RFID blocking wallet.

First things first, what is RFID wallet and how does RFID work?

RFID is “Radio-Frequency Identification” which refers to the small electronic devices consisting of a very small chip and antenna. It provides a unique identifier for the object it is on. The RFID chip must be scanned to retrieve the information.

As stated above, the technology is so good that it can transmit without being right next to the scanner. So your information that is safely in your wallet, in your purse, can still be stolen if someone has a scanner targeting you nearby. RFID theft is especially common for travelers and people on cruises. They target the ports and wait for people to walk down to steal their information without them even realizing it until it is too late.

How do RFID blocking wallets work? These specially made wallets and purses interrupt the radio waves that the chips produce. If it is working properly, it acts like a Faraday cage blocking all of the electromagnetic fields which prevents communication to the scanners the thieves are using.

There are many options for RFID blocking wallets and RFID blocking purses. I haven’t seen many available in stores, but I am an Amazon shopper. Before our cruise, I purchased the Vera Bradley RFID Smartphone Wristlet for me (Sheri) at a steal of only $15.69! The Dante RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Will was $16.99. Not bad!

Do you use an RFID wallet or purse? Are you going to be getting one if not? Let us know your thoughts on this travel safety issue in the comments.

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  1. Good idea to use these at all times, not just traveling. However, if you use traveling at least it will help for that time when it is more likely to happen. Good info you shared.

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