Medicine to take on a cruise

Medicine to Take on a Cruise

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We are planning and starting to pack for our honeymoon cruise right now. It is very exciting and we are both thrilled to be able to take some time off and enjoy each other for a week without having to worry about our jobs or anything going on in real life.

However, I (Sheri) am an RN and was a Girl Scout, so I like to be prepared. I make lists, organize and want to be ready for anything. If you are like this too and are perhaps planning on your upcoming cruise, this is definitely a list you want to save for medicine to take on a cruise.

Must Bring Medicines

  • Prescriptions
    • Be sure to bring all of your prescription medicines that you would normally take, leave in their original bottles with your name on it.
  • Tylenol or other pain relievers
    • Also, pack kid doses if traveling with kids.
  • Nausea or motion sickness reliever
    • Dramamine, Bonine
  • Anti-diarrheal
  • Tums or another antacid
  • Allergy
  • Cold
  • Cough drops

Add to the Cruise Medicine Bag

Be sure to pack your cruise first aid kit into your carryon bag. You don’t want to check these, especially not your prescriptions! Ensure that everything is bottled very well and if there is a liquid item put it in a plastic Ziploc as well.

If you forget something (except for prescriptions), it is likely going to be available in a gift shop on the cruise. However, expect to pay a lot more for it than you would have. So, be sure to pack all of the medicine to take on a cruise that you will possibly need.

You could find some of this stuff at a Dollar Store for small quantities and be cheaper. I also included some links to items we purchased through Amazon for our cruise with our affiliate links. Help support us and use the link if doing some Amazon shopping.

We hope that this list helped you figure out what you need to bring with you on your next cruise. Hopefully, you won’t need the extra medicine you packed for the cruise, but if you do need it, you will be glad you have it.

If this cruise first aid kit helped you, let us know in the comments. Have you added anything to yours that we missed? Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Medicine to Take on a Cruise

  1. It is NOT necessary to bring your RX in their original bottles. For some of us, that would require a separate bag. I have never had a problem and we cruise often.

    1. For some medications that may be true. However, according to the cruise lines, you should be bringing them in their original bottles. If they have questions or are suspicious of some, you may not be able to bring it on board and I am guessing they would toss it. To be safe, I’d definitely bring it in the original bottle.

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