Affordable DIY Garage Remodel

DIY + Affordable Garage Remodel – Part 1 – The Before

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Our first home DIY project of the year is our garage. This has been an area that has needed attention since Sheri met Will. He has accumulated many tools, extra pieces of wood, and a lot of random stuff (some of which should really just be thrown away, and a lot that needs a place to be organized and have a designated spot).

We plan on painting all of the walls, installing garage cabinets (hopefully it doesn’t go like the DIY’ers on “First Time Flippers”), cleaning and covering the cement floor with a garage epoxy type coating, making a workbench, and a lot of other side projects. If you have ever done a similar garage renovation, you know it isn’t a quick task to do on a weekend (unless you have a large team working with you).

So, this will be a project that will take quite a lot of time and also be documented right here and on our YouTube channel, Sheri & Will. We hope that it inspires you to clean up your garage and maybe even do an affordable garage remodel, too.


Nothing in this was sponsored. We do buy most of our stuff at Lowes though, so we are giving them a shoutout for excellent customer service and prices! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be sure to see the updates when they happen! Thank you!

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