Amazon Plus Size Dress Haul and Review

Amazon Plus Size Dresses Haul + Review

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I was looking for a few cute Spring and Summer dresses for the year and decided to try Amazon. Watch as I try on and review six of the best Amazon plus size dresses, most of which were surprisingly well under $30. They were all made quite well, but they didn’t all fit like they were supposed to. As a general rule with Amazon plus size clothing, you want to size up because the majority of it is coming from China where the sizing is just not like our normal sizing here in the USA. Definitely, watch my review of how they fit and be sure to look at other customer’s comments before purchasing. It gives you a good idea of if you need to size up and how much to size up.

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I’m still undecided on which dress is my favorite, which was yours? Would you ever try your luck at Amazon clothing? Comment below!


Amazon affiliate links to the plus size dresses included in this haul:

*Butterfly dress –

*Stripe and floral dress –

*Green floral dress –

*Blue feather print dress –

*Floral wrap dress –

*Blue lace dress –


This video was not sponsored at all. I bought the dresses shown here. However, if you use the affiliate links, it helps with some monetization and is greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

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