5 Gallon Portrait Aquarium in the Kitchen

Fancy Guppy Kitchen Aquarium

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Our kitchen is beach themed. It reminds me of home and our vacations to various beaches. Aside from the decorations though, we have an aquarium in there, too! Our kitchen fish tank has assorted fancy guppies in a 5 gallon, low maintenance tank (link to buy on Amazon is at the end of the post). They are by the sink so water changing is easy (although, we don’t have to do water changes on it often at all), and next to our coffee machine – which they love saying hello to us first thing in the morning.

Check out our YouTube video on the fancy guppy kitchen aquarium below. Go to our channel, Sheri & Will on YT to like and subscribe too, thanks!

Do you also have a beach themed kitchen? How about a kitchen fish tank? It took me awhile to get Will on board with having a kitchen aquarium, but he enjoys watching them in there, too. Comment below with what your kitchen looks like and if you’d ever want to have a fish tank in the kitchen.


Amazon affiliate links:

Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Tank – http://amzn.to/2EdRKZe

Java Fern – http://amzn.to/2nIzYD8

Marimo Moss Balls (not java moss, I got it confused with another tank) – http://amzn.to/2DZI01q

FYI – If you have live plants such as the ones above, they don’t harm the fancy guppies and helps to clean the water in the aquarium, which also equals less water changing! I really did buy the aquarium plants from Amazon and they arrived on time, alive, and in good health. My local fish store didn’t have the plants I wanted, so I took a chance on Amazon and it worked out great (and also cheaper).


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